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Most businesses are over-paying for terrible lighting.
We help them switch to LED lighting that pays for itself.
You can have better lighting and more money!

Better Lighting & More Money for your business

One size does not fit all. Call (281) 607–7066 for a complimentary risk-free consultation to assess your facility. We make it simple to start saving now.
After a comprehensive assessment of your business and facility we can make a custom recommendation and propose a solution based on our data analysis. Our crew of professional LED installers take special care not to disturb your normal business operations. You can rest assured that your lighting investment is protected with our industry-leading non-prorated warranty.

A Seamless Customer Experience

We design, manufacture, install, finance, warranty and service our products.
Our unique approach combines state-of-the-art technology with innovative programs to deliver efficient lighting solutions in a seamless customer experience.

Redefining the LED Industry

From product design and manufacturing, to installation and service, and everything in between, we exercise full control over our products and services.
We partner with global industry leaders to bring the latest technology to market and facilitate our best-in-class programs.

Guaranteed Protection

Your lighting investment is protected. Our exclusive Triple Protection Guarantee® combines our Non-Prorated Warranty, our Performance Guarantee, and our on-site warranty service to ensure that our solutions perform exactly as designed.

Our Solutions Include

LED Retrofit Strip Kits, Industry-leading Drivers, Indoor and Outdoor lighting Replacements & Retrofit, Wall Packs & Flood Light Retrofits, Bay Lighting, Wireless lighting controls & sensors, multi-kelvin wireless LED panels, Air and Surface Sanitizing Germicidal Ultraviolet Technology, Custom (Turnkey) Solutions, End-to-End Project Management, Energy & Lighting Analysis, Financing, Rebate Assistance, Warranties & After-Sales Service

EcoLumos, LLC is ready to help you save energy, reduce your overhead operating costs, and improve the conditions in your facility with better, healthier, more productive light.  We customize lighting solutions for the exact need of your facility and are dedicated to delivering the right amount of light with the most amount of life. We are also committed to putting you in a better financial position by maximizing your savings. Thanks to our innovative funding programs, rebate opportunities, tax incentives, and 0% financing options most of our projects are completed without a capital requirement and often have a positive cash flow from the first month.

Energy Efficient Lightning Conversions & Retrofits for:


Manufacturing & Warehousing


Office & Retail


Churches & Municipalities


Schools & Universities


Federal & State Facilities


Hospitals, Banks, Parking Garages


Auto Dealerships


Distribution Facilities


Hotels & Resorts


Gyms & Workout Facilities


And More!

We are A Full Service Provider

EcoLumos™ is an independently owned and operated commercial LED lighting, LED display (digital signage, screens for publicity/events marketing), and optoelectronics for special applications provider.
We proudly serve the Greater Houston area and are part of a nation-wide, turn-key network. We are involved in the design, manufacturing, installation, financing, warranties, and service of our exclusive products.


Our mission is to help clients improve business, optimize their spaces, adhere to health and safety regulations, protect the environment, and enrich quality of life by implementing innovative lighting technologies.

We partner with global industry leaders to bring the latest technology to market and facilitate our best-in-class program.  This also enables us to manage projects of any size, across multiple states, regions, and regulatory bodies.  Whether your facility is commercial, industrial or a non-profit, let us share our case-studies of successful projects in your industry.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Light- A more efficient way to sanitize your space.


Lighting technologies have extensive applications, far beyond what we can see.

UV-C light is the part of the lighting spectrum that that causes damage to the nucleic acid of microorganisms. We safely employ this germicidal ultraviolet light in your spaces to safely deactivate the DNA and RNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens –destroying their ability to reproduce or cause disease.

What are you doing to ensure that your staff and your customers are safe? How are your schools and practices ensuring that facilities are clean and in compliance? 
Call (281) 607–7066 to schedule a consultation and determine what germicidal UV-C solution is right for you.

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